Analog Packages

Superb analog immersion.

Digital Packages

Streaming, digital & CD experience.

God is its author, and not man; He laid
The key-note of all harmonies; He planned
All perfect combinations, and He made
Us so that we could hear and understand.

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Analog Audio Packages

Our signature service is designed to provide your ear with ultimate analog listening experience whether it is your lifestyle, or whether you would like a world class turntable system at your living room. We also help existing digital sound system owners, who would like to make transition to analog, with select offering of turntables and phono stages. Indonesian based customers can also visit our associate store to obtain brand new vinyls.

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Digital Audio Packages

We also provide streaming, digital, and compact disc (CD) lovers with sound system setup that is designed to engage the listeners through meticulous selection of various high precision audio equipments. Indonesian based digital audio disc collectors are also able to purchase high quality CD and Blu-ray audio from our associate store.

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About Us

Established in 1986, Integral Systems were born out of passion and the love of music. The founder, Handoko Wibowo, cherishes the inner working beauty of select high fidelity equipments that bring the joy to the ear of their listeners. Our motto is without music, life would be less enjoyable. Music has been present since the dawn of the mankind, and it will continue to exist as long as humans survive on this planet. We excel in finding you the perfect match for your budget and preference. Please come visit us for an engrossing listening experience.

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Our Location

Handoko Wibowo
Jalan Sidodadi 122
Surabaya, Indonesia 60144

Created by Alvin Wibowo
Last updated on Oct 4, 2019